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Project Description

discover germany.

Discover Germany

Web Design

Project 5 – Red Academy

Tourism campaign for a modern and fresh take on Germany focusing on the 9 magical cities.


UI – Marketing – Animation

what was the project about?

It was our final project at Red Academy’s UI design course. We were given free reign to choose a destination country or place and create an entire tourism campaign for our destination. That would include a website and branded marketing materials with a campaign logo.

The project was focused around UI with minimal UX/research requirements. Because of this, I decided to choose a country I was already familiar with so I could spend the time I would have spent researching, on design. I chose Germany!


the challenges.


Creating the design inception for Germany without bias.

I had to design a logo and brand that was consistent across all of the tourism campaign’s marketing. From the Facebook ads to the website — it had to be uniform as well as reflect the unique personality of Germany.


Build a cohesive marketing and branding strategy.

My initial challenge was to think about what Germany was and what people would want to go there without using any of my own bias. Having German heritage and German grandparents, I realized I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about Germany. Whether true or false, I had to discover the truth.

my solution.

On the first day, I interviewed 20 people on Germany. Asking them questions like: “what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Germany?”, “what colours come to mind when thinking of Germany?”, “what animals represent Germany?”, “what adjectives come to mind when thinking of Germany?”. The answers to these quick questions gave me a wide diagram of words and thoughts. I summarized them and focused on the words that came up frequently.

Here were the top 8 adjectives:

Modern Traditional Open-minded Proud Logical Creative Stern Beautiful

wait… that doesn’t make sense?

I realized that of these 8 words, there was a distinct dichotomy. How could a country or people be both traditional AND open-minded? How could it be both logical yet creative? Modern and traditional? Stern yet beautiful? I realized that none of these were any less true than the last.While initially a glaring contradiction, they are a beautiful paradox that makes perfect sense. Germans are proud, stern, and logical. They care deeply about tradition and history. Paradoxically, they are also incessantly creative innovators in every field. They are modern. From the printing press to classical composers to some of the greatest scientists and philosophical minds — Germans as a people inspired innovation.

wait that doesn't make sense
Design Inception

design inception.

These 8 words framed my mood for my design inception. I needed a design that was simultaneously all 8 adjectives. Not an easy task. Colours was very difficult because I wanted to create a modern palette of colours but every modern palette I explored was not also in keeping with the traditional black, red, yellow.

Eventually I settled on what you’ll see below in my moodboard.

target demographic:

I decided on a target demographic of a modern couple who liked to explore. They considered themselves trendsetters and had eclectic and expensive tastes. Essentially a “Jay Z and Beyonce”.

My target demographic was:

  1. “yuppies” or young urban professionals
  2. 25–35 y.o. couple
  3. Have good jobs, enjoy travelling
  4. Have expensive taste
  5. Fear of being the same, not being independent
  6. Type A

the why.

The why was to connect amazing people with amazing experiences. And to take that further, to reframe a beautiful and traditional history as a modern and creative and inspirational destination.


I started with the German flag but I wanted to create a modern spin on a traditional colour scheme.

I experimented with many palettes and fonts.

In the end, after grabbing select photos and colours from my moodboard,

I went with these three to replace the traditional black, red, and yellow.

art direction.

Modern vs Traditional

After studying my target people and country, I realized that I had to incorporate that contradiction, the dichotomy of the character of Germany and Germans. They are logical and mathematical but also creative and artistic. But I realize a pattern. Very often in German design, whether it’s textiles or art or architecture, the creators were not shy to express creativity and break the rules of design. However, when it was done, it was done in the most subtle and consistent way. So in creating my design, the patterns, space, and shape needed to be incredibly consistent yet subtly creative. Purposely imperfect in a way that is done so quietly that you wonder if it is even wrong.

Using that “rule” during my work, I created this series of perfect imperfections that is shown consistently throughout the design in a variety of applications.

With photo overlays:

With information icons:

the buttons:

Wide-frame photos:

logo direction.

Direction. Exploration. Unity.

I created a logo that took the traditional colours and shapes with a modern spin. The triangles make a mountain which symbolizes direction and exploration and the connection and lines symbolize unity. I used bauhaus for the logo type.


I wanted a campaign that was:

  • Deeply fascinating
  • Impactful
  • About discovery and exploration

The campaign was named:

Everything that is valuable:

Discover your treasure.

Discover your adventure.

Discover your love.

I then edited a video that contrasted the traditional landscapes with the modern beauty of hyperlapse cities.

My focus was on the 9 magical cities.

the campaign: 9 magical cities.

With such a wide array of character and personality, I learned that there were 9 cities each with their own distinct personality. Cologne, the city of culture. Berlin, the city of modern. Munich, the city of lifestyle. Hamburg, the city of maritime. And many more. Instead of creating a design that was one of those, I created a flow that allowed the user to decide which of the cities best suited their own interests.

That way, the couple as I described above, could look through together and decide that Berlin was interesting for one partner and that Cologne was for the other. I paired the cities with a landmark known for the city that they could then “add to their itinerary”.

the final design


Modern yet Traditional. Open-minded but Proud. Logical yet Creative. Stern yet Beautiful.

Here’s a walkthrough of the Facebook canvas ad.

And here’s the video walkthrough. Turn up your volume!

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